6 Proven Ways To Earn Money From Home - Step By Step Process
6 Proven Ways To Earn Money From Home - Step By Step Process

veryone wants to earn money from sitting at home but in today's competitive world this is not an easy job. But in this post, I will come up with proven ideas that will help you to earn money from home ..

1. Sell Item Online

One of the easiest ways to make money is by selling useless items you keep.

You know that there are many such items kept in your storeroom which you do not need and are not going to be in the future.

You can sell those items without visiting the pawnshop.

But what if you don't have anything to sell?

In this situation, you can also sell other people's junk, but in this, you will have to give some cuts to them too, but this way you will not be able to earn much.

Then what?

For this, you can sell from websites like Manufacture and Distributor. 

Yes, you create an account on eBay, find the item and share its link and if someone buys the product from your link, then this commission will come automatically to your account.

Once the item is ordered, eBay will automatically deliver the item to the customer. For this neither do you have to store any product nor do you have to visit anywhere.

Its process is somewhat like affiliate marketing, but in affiliate marketing, you can sell both physical and digital products but in item selling, you can sell only physical products.

Steps for Online item selling ....

Step 1 - Choose a Niche

Step 2 - Find the Platform ( eBay, Shopify, Bonanza Etc. )

Step 3 - Create an account

Step 4 - Choose the Product

Step 5 - Generate Link

Step 6 - Send link ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp Group, Telegram Etc.)

Step 7 - Generate 1st sell

Step 8 - Complete payout threshold

Step 9 - Withdraw Your Money

2. Micro Jobs

You cannot earn much from a micro job, sometimes you will get only up to $5 for doing any work.

But in your Free time, you can Earn from here as some pocket money along with the job.

And if you work a little bit more, then you can earn $ 6 to $10 per hour here.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a profitable website from where you can find genuine microwork.

When you start doing a micro job then it becomes important that you do it smartly, quickly and with understanding so that you can be hired more and more by the people and make good earning as well as worth your time.

List of some micro job sites :-


3. Ebook publishing

If you have a few years of social media experience, then you must have seen some ebook ads at some point.

In today's time, publishing a book and earning money in good amount has become a profitable business.

Selling your own eBook or copy-pasting it from somewhere is going to be the first choice of people.

In today's time, there are many such websites and platforms where you can make an Ebook of your choice and publish it for free. You can also earn a good amount of money from it.

You can create titles for your ebook like “Make Money”, “Social Media Marketing”, “SEO Tips”, “Idea for Small Business”, “Build Website and Make Money”, “The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing”, “Proven Way to Make Money Without Investment”.

These are all the most liked topics in today's time.

After creating an eBook, you can publish it on your website or Amazon Kindle.  If you do not have experience in this field then you can hire a writer from a freelancing website who can create an ebook for you.

List of Some E-book publishing sites :-


4. Music Review

As a music lover, we just like to listen to music, but in today's time, you are given money for listening to music and giving reviews.

After listening to any music you have to review it and for this, you get some cents.

What do we want to know?

This is a fun and realistic way to earn money.

Most of the reviewers get $1 to $5 for reviewing a song, but after some time it goes up to $8 to $10.

You can also refer your friends and earn up to 10% of their earnings.

Music Xray is a website where you can earn by listening and reviewing music.

5. Online tutoring

Online learning is a promising online career option. If you have a little bit of knowledge and communicative skills, you can do very well by doing online tutoring.

For online teaching, you must have knowledge in any field whether it is engineering or humanities or management, politics, Coding, Computer, Music, Yoga, Speaking, etc.

Google has many such platforms or websites for online teaching, where you can solve the doubts of the students by signing up, and for this, you can charge money by your wish.

In online teaching, you can charge starting from $10 to $50 per hour.

If the students are satisfied with you and you have a good connection with them then you can earn even more.

Online Teaching You can also do work from home according to you and you can teach children by going to the area also. 

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6. Life Coach

Those who are little experienced or their communication level is very good, then they can become an online coach along with online teaching.

In today's time, there are people who are running sad, lonely, and depressed who need a coach who can mentor them and help them to make their life better.

To become a life coach, you must have good communicative skills.

Initially, you may have some difficulty in finding clients, but after slowly building up the client base, you can make a special contribution to improving the lives of many people by becoming a part of their lives.

For this, you can create a portfolio website where you can tell people by giving complete details about yourself.