Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing And Freelancing - Step By Step Process
Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing And Freelancing - Step By Step Process

Like other people, you must have also thought about the idea of work from home at some point in time.

this is also true because these ideas can be very helpful for you in your free time.

Because in today's time-wasting time means wasting your life.


Whether you do 9 to 5 jobs or are trying your luck in any business or are a student.  Everyone definitely has some free time.

So today I have brought many such ideas for you, from which you can earn good money by giving some time sitting at home.

And those who do not do jobs, can also give their full time and can earn quite well by keeping some unique and creative thinking.

And with time you can also convert it into a full-time business.


You do not need any degree to implement all this work, but there should be some skills by which you can do this job easily. Otherwise, you can also learn by visiting Udemy and enrolling in free courses.


Affiliate marketing is an online practice where you place any product, a course in front of people and tell them that this product can help you in this way.

When visitors buy any product from the link given by you, then you get some percentage commission which can be in the form of money or gift.

There are 4 players in this whole process.

• The Merchant
• Network
• Publishers and
• Customers

In recent times, there has been an exponential growth in this market because many people lost their jobs due to corona, schools and colleges were closed for the students and no one could go out, so people started doing everything online so that the people's search of ideas for online earnings from home in which affiliate marketing was easier and less expensive.

Steps for Affiliate marketing .... 


1 - Select A Niche

2 - Choose A platform for the products link {Digital or Physical Product} (Amazon, Digistore24, Clickbank, etc)

3 - Create Your Affiliate Account

4 - Choose A high-quality Product

5 - Create A Link For this product

6 - Choose a Platform For Promoting Your Product ( Website, Social media, Pinterest Etc.)

7 - Continuously Promoting Your Product 

8 - Run Ads on Google Ads

9 - Wait for At least 6 Months

10 - Generate Your 1st Sale

11 - Then You Can see that you are earning something

12 - Check Your Payout and Withdraw Your Money


Affiliate marketing is not that easy.  You have to wait at least 6 months to generate the first sale.

 2 - Freelancing

 Freelancing is such a job in which you can earn some money by doing micro jobs for some people sitting at your home.

There is no need to wait long term to earn money from freelancing.

To do this, you need a little skill and you can start freelancing today and start earning from the next day.

In freelancing, you can do content writing to logo designing, video, and photo editing, data entry, email scraping, etc. You can even do virtual assistant and video Filming.

To do freelancing, there are many websites and apps on the internet. In today's time where you can earn thousands of rupees by doing some work for someone and you can also hire someone according to your need.

It creates good opportunities for those people who have few skills. You can initially work on these freelancing websites by yourself and after growing a little, you can do it as a business by making a team of some people.

According to a recent study by the University of phoenix ....

This survey was done on 1600 people who were less than 30 years old.  63% of them want to start a business within 20 years or in the coming time. 55% out of 1600 people want to have their own business at some point and they are running it.

So in today's time, it is very good for those youths who want to do their own freelancing business and in today's time, it is not that difficult because nowadays in many such platforms which either give the needed things for free or either at a very cheap price.

Starting a Freelancing Business in today's time can be a feasible, realistic and attainable side business.

Steps To Start Freelancing ...

1 - Generate a skill (like Content writing, Photography, Photo editing, Video editing, Seo marketing, Email scrapping, Copywriting, Graphic designing etc.)

2 - Choose a Platform ( Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, People per Hour, etc.)

3 - Create Your Account

5 - Create Your gig

6 - Pitch a client

7 - Show your previous Work

8 - Understand their need

9 - Make perfect Work in Perfect Time

10 - Deliver the work

11 - Get your money

12 - Get feedback

Freelancing is an easy job, You have to develop some skills and then you can earn a lot from freelancing.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. How can a student earn money online without any investment in India?
Ans:- You Can Try Freelancing (Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer), Online Tutoring, eBook Publishing, Music Review, And Micro Job Website For Earning Money Without Investment.

2. Is Freelancing Website Genuine?
Ans:- All Freelancing Websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, People per hour, Truelancer, etc. are Genuine For Earning Money You Just Have To Work Hard And Slowly You Can Earn A lot From This Website.
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