Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Education | 2021
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Education | 2021

In today's time, every work is going online and we are all molding ourselves like that.

In this sequence, studies are also becoming online now.

We like to study online but it has many disadvantages too, so let's know some advantages and some disadvantages of online studies.


1 - Study at home from the world-famous teacher

Through online teaching, you can study from any teacher in the world sitting at home.

This is very beneficial for those students who live in a village and there is not that good system of education.

Either you live in a city where they cannot study from their famous teacher, then you can study from them through online teaching.

2 - Economical condition

A few years back the student had to go away from his home to study.

Then there was the problem of living and eating there.

But in today's time, through online teaching, you can do world-class studies sitting at home.

In online teaching, you also get fewer fees which any child can afford.

3 - Competition Level

In offline class, you are completing only from the children sitting in your class. But in online teaching, when you are giving a test or an exam, you are completing it with children from all over the world.

Due to this, you get to know the level of your studies and also get a lot of help in preparing for any exam.

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4 - Shyness and Judging Mentality

When we sit in offline class then 100 to 200 more children are sitting there and then if we have doubt in any topic then we are not able to ask.

Either we get the feeling of shyness or we start judging ourselves what other children will think and do not ask doubt thinking about this.

Due to which your doubt is also not solved.

But in the online class, whenever you want from the teacher, you can clear your doubts well.

5 - Classes Gap

In offline learning, teachers and children have to come from far away for their classes.

Due to this, there are many problems like traffic weather and health.

But all these problems have been overcome in online teaching. Now you get all the classes on time and you can do your studies according to the time.

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6 - Time Flexibility

In offline classes, you have to reach the classes at a fixed time and if you are late even 5 minutes then you have to listen to the teacher's scolding.

But in the online classes, you can schedule classes according to your comforts.

7 - Sitting Problem

In offline classes, you have to sit in one place for four to five hours, due to which there is pain in the back and sleep also starts.

In online classes, you can attend classes sitting anywhere.

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8 - Various Courses

You can attend a variety of courses simultaneously in online classes.  For this, you do not need to run here and there.

9 - No Age Limit


1 - More distraction

There are many constructions in online learning like - 

While attending classes, if you like any other video, whether it is gaming or comedy, then you click and start watching immediately.

Due to which you waste 2 to 3 hours.

Offline teaching helps you to avoid this.

2 - Notification Problem

There are many such distractions during online learning, one of which is the notification.

It happens many times when you are attending an online class and a notification comes, whether it is from Facebook or Instagram or any of your WhatsApp group, you immediately click on that notification.

Because of this also, there are distractions in your studies.

3 - Attention

It becomes very important to maintain attention during online education.

Because if the attention is not maintained then you will not be able to study with focus, due to which your syllabus may be missed.

4 - Not Appropriate For Children

In our society, children have a habit of sitting in front of the teacher to study, where teachers teach children with little scolding and little love.

But in online teaching, it becomes difficult to do so because the teacher is not in front nor can he give so much pressure on the children.

5 - Health Issue

In online classes, children have to sit in front of a laptop and mobile for several hours.

Due to which they may have headaches, eyestrain, ear problem, and back pain due to sitting in a bad posture.

It does not create many problems for young people but it has a bad effect on children.

6 - Lack Of Social Interaction

It is said that if you want to develop your mind then it is good to sit in a group.

But this is not possible in online education.

In offline classes ( School, colleges, tuition) children participate in group discussions and debates in school, so that they get an opportunity to learn new information.

7 - Technical Issue

There are many children and parents who do not know how to use the education platforms well and this also becomes a big problem for them.

CONCLUSION - Online education has many benefits and there are many disadvantages too.  Children must keep in mind that they should be honest with themselves.  While studying, focus only on studies and use the internet properly.


1 - How to avoid destruction during online classes?

During online classes, study with focus and turn off notifications of any app/website, and if possible turn on do not disturb mode.

2 - How to avoid eyestrain during online classes?

During online classes, smartphones and laptops emit blue rays which affect our eyes.  For this, you can use transparent glass which protects the blue rays from the eye.