How To Apply For Commonwealth Shared Scholarship In 2021 | Step By Step - Process
How To Apply For Commonwealth Shared Scholarship In 2021 | Step By Step - Process

It is the dream of every student to study in the top universities of the world.

But when we take the name of top universities many children get disappointed that my economic condition is not that good.  

We cannot afford the cost of living, studying, eating, etc. in that university.

So today let me tell you that if you have a dream of studying in the top universities of the world, then many top universities and governments of the world keep providing scholarships.

There are many scholarship programs under which studies abroad are fully funded, out of which the expenses of living, commuting, tuition, food, education, etc. are fully funded.

When you study in any top universities or colleges of your country and then you study in any top universities or colleges in the world then you get to see a lot of differences in yourself.

When you study with students from different corners of the world, you tend to think of anything internationally, which greatly enhances your thinking capacity and analyzing power.

And then you can contribute well to the development of your country and society.

✔️ How To Find The Right Scholarship Programs For You

There are many scholarship programs in universities around the world like...

Chevening scholarship

• Commonwealth master scholarship

• Rhodes Scholarship

• Cambridge trust scholarship

• Commonwealth shared scholarship

• MBBS SAARC Scholarship

• Oxford University scholarship

• Fulbright Scholarship etc...

But many students are not even aware of these scholarships.

So today I am going to tell you about one of these scholarships commonwealth shared scholarship.

1 - What Is Commonwealth Shared Scholarship? official website

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship to study in the UK for a master's degree. It is one of the largest and most prestigious international scholarships schemes in the World.

* The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission is Funded by the Governments of the UK, UK foreign and commonwealth and development office (FCDO)

How To Apply For Commonwealth Shared Scholarship In 2021 | Step By Step - Process

2 - Who Are Eligible To Apply?

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship is for countries where people are very low on country income.

Students from only those countries can apply for this scholarship, whose country is a permanent member of the Commonwealth Commission.

List of 23 Countries Eligible For Shared Scholarships are:- 













Papua New Guinea


Sierra Leone

Solomon Islands

Sri Lanka


The Gambia





3 - What Are The Development Themes Offered By Commonwealth Commission?

I.  Science and technology for development

II.  Strengthening health systems and capacity

III.  Promoting global prosperity

IV.  Strengthening global peace, security, and governance

V.  Strengthening resilience and response to crises

Vi.  Access, inclusion, and opportunity

4 - Available Courses

There are many courses available under Commonwealth Scholarship in which Economic, Political, Development, Engineering, Agriculture, etc. 

You can apply for any course as per your wish.

Under Commonwealth Scholarship Program, you have to apply in advance in the college related to the Courses in which you want to apply.

5 - Duration

The duration of the Commonwealth Scholarship Program is of 1 year, under which all your expenses will be borne by the Government and Universities for 1 year.

6 - Eligibility Criteria

Before applying to any college or university, eligibility criteria are applicable for it, which should be read thoroughly because it is very important.

I - You must be a permanent resident of a Commonwealth country under which 23 countries come.

II - You should always be available to study in the UK.

III - Must hold at least an upper second class (2:1) standard, or a second class degree and a relevant postgraduate degree.

IV - You should not have studied or worked in any high-income country for more than 1 year.

IV - If there is also a refugee who is living in a Commonwealth Commission-approved country from any other country, then he can also apply.

7 - Documents Needed

If you are going to apply for Commonwealth Scholarship Program, then there are some documents that you must have with you only then you can apply.  

Because all the documents given below will be required by you while filling the application.

I - Passport

If you want to apply for the Commonwealth scholarship program then it is very important to have a passport and if you do not have a passport then you fill the form to apply for a passport 1 month before applying form.

So that when you are applying for the scholarship form, then you will not have any problem at that time.

II - Language Proficiency Test

There are many countries whose first language is not English.

You have to provide the language proficiency test report while filling up the form.

There are many exams for this, out of which you can give a test report by giving any exam.

Most of the UK colleges give preference to the IELTS test.

You can give IELTS test both online and offline.  

If you have less time then you can give an online test.  Its result comes in 7 to 10 days and the charge for giving this exam comes to 110 pounds.

III - Transcript

Transcripts are the mark sheets of your graduation and post-graduation, in which marks are also written along with each subject.

Most colleges will email you the transcript, but many colleges will give you a hard copy if they don't.

Because these marks you have to upload while filling up the scholarship form.

8 - Application Fee

To apply to the Commonwealth Scholar Program, any eligible child can fill out the form for free.

9 - Selection Criteria

All the documents provided for the selection in the Commonwealth Scholarship Program are first verified.

And if you pass in all the processes then you are selected for this scholarship.

Application Will Be Considered According To The Following Selection Criteria:- 

• Academic merit of the candidate

• Potential impact of the study on the development of the candidate's home country.

10 - 2021 Applying Date(Applications are now closed.)

Applications for Shared Scholarships for the 2022/23 academic year will open in October 2021.

✓ Steps For Applying Commonwealth Scholarship Program:- 

Step 1 - Go to the official Website of the related college and apply here

Step 2 - Then go to the Commonwealth Commission's website and apply here also

Note:- You can apply for multiple colleges at once, but after getting approved, you have to choose only one college. 

APPLY LINK(Applications are now closed.)

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