Top 10 Google Platform To Earn Money | Youreduclub
Top 10 Google Platform To Earn Money | Youreduclub

Today earning online has become very easy and in the coming times, it will become even easier. But being easy does not mean that all people have started earning online.

There are also many people who work on many apps and websites, but they do not earn. So today I will tell you 10 such platforms of Google from where you can earn online.

What is the required Knowledge to Earn money from Google?

You do not need any high knowledge to use the top 10 google platforms. Anyone can use all these Google platforms, whether it is a student or a housewife, or a job worker.

Top 10 google Platforms To Earn Money

1 - Google My Business

Google My Business is a website Of Google where anyone can feature their business. All of you must have used Google My Business at one time in your life. 

You can feature your business on Google My Business and then when people search about your business, Google My Business will come first and people will not have trouble finding your business.


- You can feature your business for free.
- People can reach you easily.
- Any of your service or shop or any business can grow quickly.

2 - YouTube

Today everyone knows about YouTube. You can earn a good amount by putting videos on YouTube. Today many people are earning a good amount by putting videos on YouTube.

In 2021, YouTube has also enabled the option of YouTube shorts where people can earn a good amount by putting shorts videos.


- You can put videos on YouTube by creating an account for free.
- YouTube is a Google product, so people have 100% trust in it.
- If you become famous on YouTube, then you are treated like a celebrity and your followers also increase a lot.

3 - Blogger

Blogger is a Google platform where you can earn money by writing articles. On Blogger, you can write articles in any niche and earn.


- There are many ways to earn on Blogger like Google AdSense Ads, Affiliate Marketing, by providing a service, by posting guest blogs, etc.
- When traffic starts coming to your blog, then you can earn a good amount from here.

4 - Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the only platform of Google from where you can earn. When you create a blog or website and when you get the approval of Google AdSense, then you can earn by placing Google AdSense ads on your website.


- If you get the approval of Google AdSense, then you can earn a good amount.
- The rules of Google AdSense are very strict, which you have to follow.

5 - Google AdMob

Using Google AdMob, you can earn by running Google AdMob ads on your website. Google AdMob is also a product of Google that you can use in your apps.

6 - Google Translate

Google Translate today has become a good means of communication between people of two different languages. You can also earn good money from Google Translate. 

Nowadays, people do not have much time to translate themselves, so you can easily do this using Google Translate.


- You can do freelancing using Google Translate.
- Nowadays a lot of translation work is available on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.
- You can also do translation work for a foreign company.

7 - Snapseed

Snapseed is software from Google that allows you to earn money by editing your photos. To earn from Snapseed, you must have good use of Snapseed.


-You will easily find photo editing work on freelancing websites.
- Edit photos with Snapseed that you can post on your social media platforms so that clients can easily reach you by viewing your photos.

8 - Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an earning app from Google. On Google Opinion Rewards, you can earn by filling surveys, translating.

Note: - When Google Opinion Rewards was started, people get work easily at that time, but now you may or may not get 1-2 work in a week.

9 - Google TaskMate

Taskmate has been launched by Google itself in 2020. Taskmate is currently in beta version, so not many people are getting work right now. 

But after waiting for some time, Google will make it available for everyone.


- On Taskmate, you can earn by doing small tasks.
- On Taskmate you can get such types of tasks as you have to click a picture of anything or find someone's shop, record spoken sentences, etc.

10 - Google Ads

You can use Google Ads to promote your online business. This is a paid method by which visitors will come to your website, and you will earn.

One Extra -

Google Docs

You can create presentations on Google Docs. There are many websites where you can get the job of making presentations from which you can earn.

Here are the top 10 Google earning platforms where you can earn a lot by doing some hard work.